Adjustable size for any type of Coffee can be arranged!

Lenght 570 mm
Width 330 mm
Height 560 mm
Weight 49 Kg
Electricity 1.1 Kw
Motor 1400W

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Coffee grinding machines are available, starting from 10 kg/hour up to 120 kg/hour. Lets us know your capacity need.

Coffee grinders can be produced according to the desired capacity needs. Color options are available. All different types of coffee can be obtained from the ground coffee with coffee grinders. Options such as Espresso, Filter Coffee, Turkish Coffee and many more are available. Thanks to its adjustable blade head, you can have your grinded coffee with your desired level size. After the coffee is roasted, it has to pass through these mills to be ground. The product is entered manually and the ground coffee is filled into the product hopper located in front of the outlet. Therefore, the grinder is an indispensable part of the coffee processing process. We also have machine options that include other coffee processes, which we call Coffee Roasting, De-Stoner (Stone, Iron Extractor) and After-Burner (Chimney Burning). All of our products have ISO 9001, TSE, CE, CSA qualification and competence certificates.