Coffee Grinder

What You Should Consider Before Buying a Coffee Grinder?

grinder for coffee

The coffee grinder is one of the most important steps in coffee preparation. If you do not grind the coffee beans freshly, you cannot reach the taste you are looking for even if you prepare the best quality coffees in the highest quality machines. The first step to delicious coffee is to grind the coffee beans freshly. The most important thing to consider when grinding coffee beans is to choose the right coffee grinder. Paying attention to the following points while purchasing a coffee grinder are the most important tips for you on the way to reach delicious coffee:

First of all, when purchasing a coffee grinder, you should consider the amount of coffee you need to grind daily. Household and business coffee grinders have different equipment and designs. Household coffee grinders are portable, easy to clean and can grind less coffee beans. Business type coffee grinders, on the other hand, are more noisy tools because they grind more coffee beans at once.

•When purchasing a coffee grinder, the first thing you should pay attention to after deciding on the model will be the blades. Coffee should be ground without breaking out. Coffee grinder models with food processor-style blades and grinding style cause coffee beans to break and get damaged.

Differences of Conical and Straight Gear of Coffee Grinder?

The main products we will mention and focus on are bevel gears and spur (disc) gears. These grinding parts, also known as Conical Burr and Flat Burr, have different working principles. In the bevel gear, the force of gravity ensures the grinding of the coffees, while in the spur gear, the coffees are ground with the help of the centrifugal force. Well, if you say which one is better or which one should we prefer, unfortunately there is no clear answer to this. There are professionals, shop users and coffee authorities who prefer both types of gear. If we look at the flavor and tasting notes of the coffee, there is a prevailing opinion that the spur gears bring out the woody and nutty notes in the coffee.