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We are a leading company who manufacture nuts roaster, nuts roasting machine as well as coffee roaster, tahini machine, nuts butter machine, coating machine, grinder and many others. Machine Castle uses utmost quality materials in creation of machines. We export our machines to all over the world.

Our company, which plays an important role in the domestic and international markets, has always succeeded in making the customers satisfied with the turnkey factories.


Our coffee processing production has Coffee Roaster, Coffee Grinder and Plexi Coffee Silo.

Our nuts processing production has Nuts Roaster, Fryer, Coating Machine, Salting and Mixing Machines, Cooling Machine, Vibrating and Calibrating Sieve, Z and Pvc Elevator.

Our tahini and paste processing production has Tahini Making Machine, Paste Making Machine as blade made system or stone made system depending on a request.

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With innovational approach of Machine Castle, our technical team always with you.

Delivery and Installation is a must for Machine Castle to arrange it on your behalf.

Our customers always benefit the advanced technology used in our machines.

All of our machines are produced in accordance with food grade regulations of countries.

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Coffee roasting machine is used once the green coffee beans needs to be turned into the magical roasted black color. Thanks to quality of our coffee roaster machines as well as its latest technology empowers the roasting quality. Roasting time of the machine shows it’s differences with minutes of roast time. 

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Nuts roasters are the most important process of nuts production when it comes to serve your clients fresh and cooked nuts. There are so many different nuts that can be roasted in nuts roaster machines such as almond, peanut, hazelnut, pistachio, chickpea, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, watermelon seed, macadamia nuts, cashew, sesame seed etc.

Coffee roaster is a perfect machine that can roast your green coffee beans into light, medium or dark coffee. It doesn’t matter if it is a small amount to roast or huge amount to roast. There is always a machine that can make coffee roasting process great. The coffee roaster can also do a dark roasting process as well as it can do a light roasting and a medium roasting. 

Questions & Answers

You may  see the frequently asked questions below

For successful nut roasting, achieving a specific roasting temperature of 160-190°C is crucial, but it varies depending on the nut type. Quality nut roasting machines allow for adjustable belt speed and oven heat. Adjusting belt speed is essential for each specific product. High-quality roasting machines ensure uninterrupted, long-duration roasting. It’s vital to maintain the right roasting temperature for the nut variety, ensuring quality and flavor. After roasting, cool the products promptly and proceed to pack them for sale to your customers.

To request a price quote for nuts roaster, coffee roaster machine or other machines, visit our website and contact us. Our customer representative will reach out to you shortly. Alternatively, click on WhatsApp for direct contact.

Our products include a 4-year warranty and offer unlimited lifetime free support even after the warranty period expires.

Our nuts roasters made of AISI 304 and AISI 316 full stainless quality materials.

Delivery times vary by region. You may get in touch with us to learn about the delivery time of your country.

Production time depends on machinery type that you are purchasing. Generally for small machines like grinders we have it stock and for small nuts roasting machine and coffee roasting machine it takes 3-4 weeks, for big machines it takes 5-6 weeks.

On our nuts roasters and coffee roasters you can have Gas and Lpg, Electric, Diesel fuel types. Fuel type difference doesn’t affect the roasting quality.

The standard color of the coffee roaster is black, however you as a customer have the opportunity to customize the color according to desire.

To achieve success in the coffee roasting process, it’s essential to reach a roasting temperature of approximately 180 degrees. High-quality coffee roasting machines ensure uninterrupted, long-duration roasting without disturbances. When using such large-scale machines for production, it’s crucial to maintain the right roasting temperature tailored to the specific coffee variety. Our coffee roasting machines enable the production of high-quality, flavorful coffee. After the roasting process with our coffee roasting machine, your products are ready to be promptly cooled and packed for sale to your customers.