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We are a leading company who has long experience of producing machines with experience that comes from the long years, our machines are highly in demand in Europe, North America and in Middle East.

Our company, which plays an important role in the domestic and international markets, has always succeeded in making the customers satisfied with the turnkey factories.

Long Years Of Manufacturing Excellence With Quality

Leading company who has long experience of producing machines with experience that comes from the long years, our machines are highly in demand in Europe, North America and in Middle East.

Our company, which plays an important role in the domestic and international markets, has always succeeded in making 2960+ customers satisfied with the turnkey factories.


Our coffee processing production has Coffee Roasters, Coffee Grinders and Plexi Coffee Silos.

Our nuts processing production has Nuts Roasters, Fryers, Coating Machines, Salting and Mixing Machines, Cooling Machines, Vibrating and Calibrating Sieves, Z and Pvc Elevators.

Our tahini and paste processing production has Tahini Making Machines, Paste Making Machines as blade made system or stone made system depending on a request.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your business needs. As we are the manufacturer, our customers has the advantage to customize anything depending on their needs.

machine castle coffee roasting machine

Coffee roasting machine is used once the green coffee beans needs to be turned into the magical roasted black color. Thanks to quality of our coffee roasting machines as well as its latest technology empowers the roasting quality. Roasting time of the machine shows it’s differences with minutes of roast time

Our machines has PLC touch screen control system which is computerized. Thanks to touch screen system the roasting machine usibility is same as using a mobile phone. With this touch screen system the speed of the turning drum, roasting time, heat power or temperature controls can be always arranged. It doesn’t matter if its is a small batch to be roast or it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a machine to make home roasting, we always have solution for your needs for any capacity need per batch!

The coffee roasting machine’s heating system can be made as electrical model or gas model. On electrical heating system, tube resistants are being used. And on gas heating system gas burners are being used. To creat a long term usage we always make our best to use very reputable brandş such as Riello, Ecoflam on burners. Our first priority to use Riello burner on the gas stove roaster, but if our customers request to have Ecoflam burner, we can use it as well.

When thinking of coffee roasting machine, it always come to mind that coffee has to be roasted gently, cooled fastly and packaged right away! Making these three process accurate, empowers and longers the shelf life of the roasted coffee beans. It’s not always the machine that brings the success. It is also the cooker that makes the great differences. Cookers attention on roasting process makes the play of art at the result of coffee roasting process. The coffee beans can not only be as dark coffeee, it can also be as light roasted coffee beans or medium roasted coffee beans .

The transformation of coffee from green beans to roasted beans is a miraculous event for coffee lovers. Despite the development and industrialization of coffee roasting for centuries, roasting is still done in pots or over the fire in green bean producing countries, which means that we can actually roast coffee even in our homes. There are two different coffee roasting methods. The first is the method of roasting with drum machines and the second with air roasting. With drum machines, the heat first heats the drum, then the heat passes from the metal to the coffee by contact and roasts the coffee. In air roasting, the heated air constantly mixes and heats the coffee. With this method, the coffee bean is roasted by taking the heat directly from the air via coffee bean roaster. It is easier to heat the coffee beans homogeneously in air roasting, because in drum heaters you have to constantly stir the beans and control them for even heating. The more the coffee beans are exposed to heat, the more they lose their aroma and begin to taste uniform. In addition, drum roasters consume less energy for roasting large masses of coffee and are easier to use because they have been developed for a long time. In general, large companies tend to use drum roasters, while micro companies tend to use air heater roasters. As a coffee lover, it is very difficult to distinguish the taste of coffee made from the same beans roasted with two different methods. Roaster preference is up to the roaster rather than the coffee lover. industrial roasting; It is done with careful monitoring and control of mathematics, chemistry and physics parameters. Nowadays people can use coffee roasting machines with Plc touch screen with some softwares such as Artizan, Cropster or owned software of the coffee producing company’s program. With these programs the user can see all the parameters of each roasting steps of coffee. So that the cooker can create a recipe and save it for a constant production. The coffee production also can have different stages before going for roasting process. In some countries the coffee beans are being washed before going for roasting process. Washing coffee also creats a better roasting with the little bit of humid on them. However, the coffee beans are not directly going for roasting process after washing, it is being dried with its controlled spryed air fans to remove the extra water on them. In the mean time the coffee beans are moving around and being mixed together. Then the coffee washing machine is dumping the dirty water out as well.

For many coffee producer constant production is important as well as food producing companies. Once the customer’s of the coffee producers taste the coffee, they will always look for the same taste and for that reason the coffee should always have constant taste to the buyers. Changes in the taste or aroma will create negative effect to lose customers of the coffee sellers. Alternatively, some of the coffee producing companies can provide different flavour on their coffee to catch the uniquless level such as Caribou Coffee, Tchibo, Jacobs and Starbucks. Caching uniquless level also passes from being able to produce constant taste of coffee to the coffee lovers. A coffee lover will always understand the different tastes.

The only way to serve your customer is to understand their needs and serve always serve them fresh roasted coffee. Depending on culture type or country, the coffee beans can be consumed differently. For that reason its important to produce coffee to answer your customer’s coffe type needs. For example, In some cultures or countries black coffee can be so much famous when comparing with consuming light roasted coffee beans. In a market like this, what you should offer is to attract the market. Where the needs goes, that is where you respond to your customers. With these great coffee roasting machines you can always answer for your customer’s needs.

There are always so many different coffee types that the people consumes and two of them are the two major coffee types such as Arabica and Robusta. Both coffee types can be roasted in coffee roasting machines very easily. Arabica beans provide a sweet, yet soft taste with low acidity levels. These types of coffee beans needs a cool whether where lots of sun, rich soil, and moisture are present. As you may probably know that Arabica beans are difficult to grow and cultivate, they are more expensive when compared to Robusta coffee beans, and have a higher cost of production. Most Arabica beans comes from  Africa and Latin America. Robusta coffee is considered the lower choice compared to Arabica since it is strong, bitter, and harsh taste after roasting process. Robusta beans contain twice as much caffeine as Arabica, and therefore it is less vulnerable to diseases as a natural insecticide in the plant. Due to its low cost, most instant and ground coffee blends sold in grocery stores are made from Robusta type of coffee beans. Coffee roasting machine can roast both type of Aribica or Robusta coffee. Coffee roasting machines can also roast different type of coffees as well.

Why you should have coffee roaster machine and how you can contribute to human health by just producing coffee beans in coffee roasting machines? There is so many benefits that coffee can reflects to human health. Here are the known benefits of coffee that we consume every day; Coffee balances the level of cholesterol in the blood and prevents its excessive fluctuation. It has been observed that the painkillers used increase their effects by up to half. Since it has a balancing effect on cholesterol, it prevents many heart diseases.  It is effective in correcting digestive system problems, especially in regulating bowel movements. It affects skin problems such as cellulite with massages made with coffee. It also softens the skin. Coffee contains antioxidants. Therefore, it is preventive against serious diseases such as cancer. It has positive effects in increasing attention and opening the mind. It has been determined that unsweetened coffee, especially in the morning hours, increases mental functions and increases the ability to concentrate. Experts state that these effects are greater when consumed with a chocolate with a high cocoa content. It has also been observed that coffee is good for headaches and bone pains. It has been determined that those who drink regularly every day have a longer life expectancy compared to those who never smoke. With its brain and memory enhancing feature, it reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease when consumed regularly. Again, it has been revealed as a result of studies that it reduces the risk of diabetes when drinking 1-2 cups a day regularly. It accelerates fat burning in the body. For this reason, dieters definitely have coffee on their daily list. Drinking a cup before starting sports helps accelerate fat burning. Studies show that regular coffee drinkers are less likely to develop gallstones than non-drinkers. This condition is 25% less common, especially in women. It prevents fatty liver, which is a very serious health problem. Fatty liver is a growing problem every year. In this problem, which is more common in both women and men, the person feels constant pain. Loss of appetite occurs, if precautions are not taken, it can go up to cirrhosis.

These are the most popular coffee names sold in coffee shops:
Espresso: Espresso, a type of coffee unique to Italy, is among the most preferred coffee names. Finely ground and dark roasted; Êspresso, which has a unique flavor, is a type of coffee that can be easily prepared by almost anyone at home, provided that they know the details.

Cappuccino: Another coffee name that is widely consumed all over the world is Cappuccino. Just like Espresso, Cappuccino, a type of coffee originating in Italy, can also be expressed as the unique harmony of Espresso and milk.

Americano: Americano, another version of espresso, is a type of coffee prepared by adding hot water to espresso. With its very sharp texture, this delicious drink is indispensable for those who like to start the day with a strong coffee.

Cafe Latte: Another type of coffee that is among the most popular coffee names is Latte. Latte, which literally means “milk”, has taken this name because of the high amount of milk used during its preparation.

Turkish Coffee: One of the content that we include the most popular coffee varieties is, of course, Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee, whose story of existence dates back to the Ottoman period, maintains its place among the most special drinks of Turkish cuisine after centuries.

Caffee Macchiato: Another coffee name whose fame spread from Italy to the world is Caffe Macchiato. Macchiato, which means “stain, spot, speck” in Italian, continues to be served under the name Cafe Macchiato because the amount of milk used in its preparation is almost dot.

Mocha: Taking its name from the Mocha port in Yemen, one of the cities famous for its coffee trade, Mocha is known for being a type of coffee prepared with milk and chocolate.


Filter Coffee: Filter coffee, which has gained a special place in the hearts of coffee lovers with the third generation coffee, has taken this name not because of the brewing technique or the places where it is consumed, like other coffee names, but because it is filtered through a filter after brewing.

Nuts roasters are the most important process of nuts production when it comes to serve your clients fresh and cooked nuts. There are so many different nuts that can be roasted in nuts roasting machines such as almond, peanut, hazelnut, pistachio, chickpea, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, watermelon seed, macadamia nuts, cashew, sesame seed etc.

Nuts roasting machines can be purchased depending on the usability of roasting process. Because depending on type of the nuts or the seeds,  the roasting process has differences.

 There are type of roasting machine that is being used to roast the nuts on belt conveyor with heated air system. And also there are type of machine that is being used to roast inside drum. Air type of nuts roasting machines are the most used ones along the others. Due to its latest technology such as usability of computerized roasting allows user to roast the nuts with recipes. Creating recipe for each type of nuts and seeds in these belt type of nuts roasters makes the constant production without changing any taste or flavour. Another type of roasting machine which is drum type roaster roasts nuts inside the heated drum with heated salt. While the heated drum turns around the heated salt and nuts together turns and performs the roasting process.  

To roast small and tiny seeds on nuts roaster machines, we are able to use very tight knitted belt on these belt type of nuts roasters. Such as sesame seeds, cannabis seeds due to their small sizes are one of a tiny ones that needs a knited belt. The roasting quality with heated air on these tiny products also performs perfect roasting experience. 

These nuts roasters can be ordered to run with Lpg, Natural Gas, Diesel or Electric. Depeding on the fuel cost in the country where the nuts roasting machine will be used should determine the fuel type. These nuts roaster also can be produced as  full stainless steel material quality or half stainless steel material quality (half stainless material means that only the places where the food contacts with machine is stainless). Depending on request of the buyer, our company can produce nuts roaster either as half stainless quality or full stainless quality. To creat long term usage on nuts roasters, we always suggest to have full stainless steel material on roasting machines.


Coffee roaster is a perfect machine that can roast your green coffee beans into light, medium or dark coffee. It doesn’t matter if it is a small amount to roast or huge amount to roast. There is always a machine that can make coffee roasting process great. The coffee roaster can also do a dark roasting process as well as it can do a light roasting and a medium roasting. 

The best thing to think when having a coffee roaster is that the idea of having always a fresh roasted coffee right near you. Once the green coffee beans turns into a roasted coffee beans, the smell attracts around the processing machine. That is moment when the people will miss to drink a cup of coffee. Coffee roaster machines always comes with their features.

When having a perfect coffee roaster, you should consider a machine, of course, to be quality, but not only to be quality is enough, but also the machine should be used very easily. The coffee roaster machine should be used just like a mobile phone. Easy roasting feature of our machines are the one that is known the best. Our customers always has the advantage to roast coffee beans simply, just with a press of a button, than the roasting machine is ready to roast and cool the coffee beans right away. That is it, from the cooling process the roasted coffee beans can be grinded or packaged. Depending on your customers preference you may just either package them and sell or grind them and package them and sell. 

Packaging also plays an important role after roasting process. Most of the user of coffee roaster, use the machine just to roast and cool down the heat of the roasted coffee beans. It is also important to use a packing machine right after the cooling process is done with the coffee roaster. In this way, your clients will always have fresh roasted coffee. It will also longer the shelf-life of the products. It doesn’t matter how big is the size of the package, but it should be made sure that after cooling process, if the roasted coffee beans is not going for grinding process, a packing machine is necessary. This is where we come into play and offer you our best coffee roaster with cooling feature. Once you know your size of the package just tell us, so that we will provide you the best machine that will fit in your requirements

Our nuts roasting machines sometimes called as peanuts roaster. The great thing about the nuts roasting machines is that our customers can surely roast more than one product type. Depending on a need or usage sometimes these roasters called as almond roaster, hazelnut roaster, pistachio roaster, cashew roaster, sunflower seeds roaster, pumpkin seeds roaster, chickpea roaster, macadamia nuts roaster, chestnut roaster, walnuts roaster, peanut roaster and so on.

It is not the name but the functionally of the machine that makes it great. Offering a machine that can roast all type of nuts is our felicity. No matter how these machines are being called, or either if its called as peanut roaster or cashew roaster, the best way to call it as nuts roaster or nuts roasting machine. As these roasters can do more than one unique type name this is what will be the best as nuts roaster or nuts roasting machine.

What makes nuts better is to be roasted, and thanks to our nuts roasting machines, the nuts are being heated very well on the band with heated air and being roasted. On industrial size level of the nuts roasting machines  the nuts are also being cooled right away after the roasting process to make the nuts ready for packaging process. The most important fact about the roasting nuts that it should be done as %100 homogeneously roasted. This is the most important factor of our machines that differentiate us from the others. Once the nuts are in the inlet bunker, they are directly standing on the belt that continuously moves which also carries them in nuts roasting rooms and cooling room (for industrial types). The input bunker which is the input section of the roasting machine is given in the Figure. The bunker is designed in automatic or manual form. Product laying process is done by moving the clap on the bunker with the help of the cylinder mounted on the manual bunker. By using the measurement tool on the bunker, you need to see how many cm it can be moved. Our nuts roasters designed perfectly well to make homogeneous roasting process. Once the nuts inside the inlet hopper, the products are being roasted in the first room where they are getting the heated air from the bottom and on second room where they are getting the heated air from the top. Up and down circulated heated air allows products to be roasted evenly.

There are two type of machines that can be produced with the material quality as full stainless and half stainless. Full stainless  nuts roasting machines means that all part of the nuts roasting oven from inside to outside being made of fully stainless material. Half stainless machine means that only the parts where the food contacts with food is stainless steel. We offer both solutions according to the budget of our valued customers. Also the machine’s control panel can be made a button control or touch screen control. Our nuts roasters can be produced to run with electrical heating, natural gas heating, diesel heating or even as solid fuel heating. All of these can be chosen by our customers before the manufacturing process of the machines. Depending on countries electricity and gas supply the machines may have differences, however the roasting quality, material quality and the lastest technology used in these nut roasters machines remains the same.


Machine Castle is the producer of high quality nuts roaster machine that excel in quality, appearance and functionalities. Because of our high level of quality and the constant availability of our support team, Machine Castle is the top brand of nuts roasters. Our nuts roasters are proudly designed and built in the TURKEY and are made to last with durable materials. Machine Castle provides the tools to bring a higher level of quality into your nuts roasting business. Once you begin roasting your own nuts, you have controls over flavor profiles and other custom tools that can separate your company’s product from the others.

Coffee grinder is a must machine that needs to be used after roasting your coffee. The coffee grinding machine makes coffee beans into small particules or powder. It’s very easy to use coffee grinder. Just put the roasted coffee beans into inlet bunker of the coffee grinder. And then, adjust the thickness level of the grinder to get powdered coffee size. Grind size is important to get your desired coffee at the result.

To catch consistent grind level of grinding performance, you should note the number of the size that you are processing your coffee. The places where contacts with food is stainless steel. Coffee grinders can be made to be used as stone crushing or blade crushing. Both are optional for our valued customer to use for their valuable customers.  Creating ground coffee helps coffee lovers to get great taste from your production.


To prepare high quality cup of coffee with your tools, it is always great to have it ready your machines for processing coffee beans into the magical sizes.  Coffee drinkers always follows the best coffee producers. Coffee producers has no difference than the drip coffee makers.  One changes the green coffee beans to roasted coffee beans and one changes the roasted coffee beans into small curves of the coffees.  The coffee producers always follows up on grind time to catch perfect production.  There are some other tools that the coffee producers use to produce the drinkable coffee such as coffee pots, french press coffee maker  or espresso machines. All of the process before the right production needs blade grinders. Fine grinds are always being performed with the best burr coffee grinders.


If you are looking for a spesific nuts roasting machine to roast a specific product such as peanut roasting machine, you are at the right place! Our peanut roasting machines are well designed and made with durable materials with the lastest technology. These nuts roasting machines sometimes called as almond roasting machines, hazelnut roasting machines, pistachio roasting machine, cashew roasting machine or sunflower seeds roasting machine.

There are many ways to call these nuts roasting machines with the spesific product name. What these machines called in general is that either nuts roasting machine or nuts roaster. The great way to get roasted nut or roasted peanut from these machines is to have them and use them at your production plant. Our roasting ovens always give great opportunity to improve your production into next level. Belt type nuts roasting machines can not only roast nuts, it can also add flavour as well. With the mixing unit that you can have with your machine, you always have the option to add different tastes and flavours to your roasted products. Once the products goes in the flavouring mixing unit, they will be mixed together for a small while to got perfect mixing and then the products will be poured to inlet bunker where the nuts will stay on belt to get continuous roasting process. Once the products goes out of nuts roaster they will be coming as roasted and flavoured with great taste to serve your customers in packages. What is even greater on the nuts roasting machines is that the user has the advantage use recipe profiles for each different product type. The recipe saving system helps producers to produce nuts with constant savor. Thanks to the recipe saving system you can creat up to 200 different recipes to have constant production without changing taste at each roasting batch.  On recipes recording system the user can set a roasting temperature and band speed after adjusting the inlet bunker laying product adjustment and save it on machine’s memory under a spesific name of the products for example peanut roasting, or sunflower seeds roasting. These nuts roasting machines can be produced as fully stainless or half stainless (where the food contacts with machine made of stainless and other parts made of painted).  According to the budget of our valued customers, we are able to give both options. We always suggest to have full stainless made of machines to get long lasting production capability on our nuts roasters.

We put our best efforts before going any production and plan every details of manufacturing processes.

We use latest technology on our machines and it helps us to do easy remote technical support for our valued customers.

We work with the most reliable delivery companies and provide free installation for our customers if needed.

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