Types of Coffee Roasts and Coffees

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Types of Coffee Roasts and Coffees

Increasing its popularity day by day, coffee is one of the flavors that many of us cannot give up today. It is possible to say that coffee is now one of the most consumed beverages in the world, together with the new coffee varieties that have emerged. But what are the most preferred coffee names?

A true coffee lover has already had all the coffee names in his memory and has tried almost all of them at least once in his life. A coffee guru can even tell you where the coffee beans were grown and how they were roasted. Some coffee lovers may not want to try something different from the taste they are used to instead of looking for new coffee names.

In our content, which we have prepared, the address of traditional and innovative coffee varieties, we answer the question of which coffee names are the most popular, and list the must-know for coffee lovers who want to try different coffee varieties.

The Most Popular Coffee Names That Everyone Knows

Although drinking coffee is seen as a habit, it is one of the indispensable actions for many people around the world. While some cannot start the day without a cup of coffee, others cannot complete the day without consuming countless coffees throughout the day.

If you are a coffee lover, without a doubt, you will say your day much more energetic and productive from the moment you take a sip of your favorite coffee. Do you think you have enough information about all types of coffee or why they got these names?


Espresso, a type of coffee unique to Italy, is among the most preferred coffee names. Finely ground and dark roasted; Êspresso, which has a unique flavor, is a type of coffee that can be easily prepared by almost anyone at home, provided that they know the details.

So why did Espresso get this name? Actually, this question can be answered in two different ways. The first is that the name Espresso derives from the Italian word “espress” meaning “quick”. Another answer to this question can be expressed as the word “press”, which means pressure in Italian.

It can be said that the most important feature of Espresso, which is loved by everyone not only for its taste but also for its appearance, is the foam formed on its surface. The main reason for the formation of this foamy surface we have mentioned is the pressure brewing technique, which is also shown as the reason why Espresso got this name.

Let’s add that the experience of the barista who prepares your coffee is another important issue, as well as the way this coffee is brewed in espresso machines or espresso pots.


Another coffee name that is widely consumed all over the world is Cappuccino. Just like Espresso, Cappuccino, a type of coffee originating in Italy, can also be expressed as the unique harmony of Espresso and milk.

Cappuccino, which literally means cloak and robe, is derived from the word “capuchin”, an outfit worn by monks in Vienna. Since the color of cappuccino is similar to capuchin, this popular Italian coffee is called Cappuccino.

Espresso, another Italian coffee, is the base used to make cappuccino. It is possible to say that what makes Cappuccino different from Espresso is the milk foam added on it in order to have a softer drink.


Americano, another version of Espresso, is a type of coffee prepared by adding hot water to Espresso. With its very sharp texture, this delicious drink is indispensable for those who like to start the day with a strong coffee.

Although it is thought to have a similar flavor to brewed coffee in terms of both its production and taste, Americano actually has a much different, hard and intense flavor thanks to the consistency that Espresso brings to itself.

Of course, like other coffee names, there is a reason why Americano has this name. American soldiers, who mainly consume filter coffee, II. After they met Espresso in Italy during World War II, the soldiers found this coffee too strong and therefore started to consume it by adding boiling water to it. This flavor, on the other hand, became known as Americano over time.

Although Americano is thought to be similar to brewed coffee in terms of its preparation, the intense taste that Espresso adds to Americano makes its flavor stronger than brewed coffee.

Cafe Latte

Another type of coffee that is among the most popular coffee names is Latte. Latte, which literally means “milk”, has taken this name because of the high amount of milk used during its preparation.

The correct proportion of milk, foam and coffee used during its production is among the most basic elements that determine the flavor of Latte. Because of its soft drink, Cafe Latte is mostly preferred by people who have just started consuming coffee.

If you want to have a truly delicious coffee experience, the experience and skill of the barista who prepares your latte is very important.

Turkish coffee

One of the sine qua non of our content, which includes the most popular coffee varieties, is of course the name Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee, whose story of existence dates back to the Ottoman period, maintains its place among the most special drinks of Turkish cuisine after centuries.

Perhaps the most important feature of Turkish coffee, which is one of the most important parts of Turkish culture, is that it is the only coffee type in the world that is brewed with its grounds. What determines the flavor of this unique coffee variety is how the coffee beans are processed, brewed and the presentation of your coffee.

Caffee Macchiato

Another coffee name whose fame spread from Italy to the world is Caffe Macchiato. Macchiato, which means “stain, spot, speck” in Italian, continues to be served under the name Cafe Macchiato because the amount of milk used in its preparation is almost dot.

Macchiato, which is a type of coffee prepared by using Espresso as a base, has a softer drink as milk foam is added to it. This unique coffee, which is consumed both hot and cold by coffee lovers, is usually served by adding cocoa to it.
Taking its name from the Mocha port in Yemen, one of the cities famous for its coffee trade, Mocha is known for being a type of coffee prepared with milk and chocolate.

Let’s add that Mocha, which has a different flavor than Latte thanks to the chocolate added to it, can be consumed with pleasure even by those who do not have a habit of coffee due to its soft drink.

Filter coffee

Filter coffee, which has a special place in the hearts of coffee lovers with the third generation coffee, has taken this name not because of the brewing technique or the places where it is consumed, like other coffee names, but because it is filtered through a filter after brewing.

Filtered coffee, roasted in commercial coffee roaster machine and filtered through a paper or metal filter, thus gains a unique flavor and is appreciated by all coffee lovers.

We have listed what you need to know about these coffee types along with popular coffee names. Coffee varieties, which are offered in different forms almost all over the world, go through many stages from the collection of the beans to the processing, preparation and presentation, and they meet you at the end of all these rituals.