Roasting Machines and It's Benefits

machine castle sunflower seed roasting machine

The whole roasting process of the nuts brings about some chemical changes to the proteins in the nuts, thus changing the flavor, smell, taste and color of the product. Experienced manufacturers put quantities of seeds of the same type, for example, white seeds cannot be roasted with black seeds, but rather each type must be roasted separately. Light the fire under the nuts roasting machines and then add salt time to time, and in the meantime the seed roasting machine has moved, and the machine rotates continuously to ensure the good distribution of salt and heat, and in order for each seed to be roasted, and by this simple method the roasting process is completed. There are always some different methods of roasting, usibility of the nuts roasting machines are differs for each producer. All producing companies apply their own recipe and their own roasting methods to produce their products.

Features of roasting machineThe nuts are directly being heated through circulated heated air, which guarantees the high quality and taste of roasted products with homogenous roasting. What makes our machine is different from the others is that fast temperature raising, good thermal insulation, consistent performance, low power consumption. All parts of the machine can made of stainless steel, safe and durable, conforming to food processing standards. Heating type of nuts roasting machine can be electricity, gas(natural gas or liquefied gas), diesel or lpg. Our machines comes with automatic temperature control unit, the temperature can be adjusted as well as the speed of belt that the products stands on can be adjusted depending on your preferences.