Oil Making Machines


Sometimes we call it “oil seeds”. Regardless of their names, they contain compounds that positively affect health. Seeds and nuts contain elements with antioxidant activity and neutralize free radicals that cause cell damage. Supporting the body’s defense systems is very important for health. They are protective by containing antioxidants such as flavonoids, terpenes, resveratol. The antioxidant capacity of some are as follows: Inner membrane unbroken (mmol/100 g) Walnuts can be listed as 23.1, pistachios 1.27, hazelnuts 0.70, almonds 0.47, pine nuts 0.37. These antioxidant elements also have anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering effects. 

Nowadays, people only uses oil machines to get pressed oil from the nuts and seeds. There are many nuts and many seeds that can be pressed to get their oil form with our oil pressing machines very easily. Our oil pressing machines are also produced in stainless steel material and it can be work with electric. It is a easy process to use oil making machines. The producer of oil only needs to put the products that needs to be oiled into inlet bunker for the machine, and the rest of the work with pressing is being done with the oil making machineOil squeezing machine performs cold press oil extraction process within minutes. If you are a business owner, you can increase your customers with fresh product sales by purchasing an oil extraction machine from us. In continuous use, you can always produce at home or at your shop.

Oil production machines are highly preferred in markets, shops and especially in dried nuts stores. It is essential to use this machine in order to obtain oil by squeezing seeds and nuts. Extraction of oils in the form of cold pressing is of great importance for human health. The squeezing of products without heating is called cold pressing. Especially recently, with the benefits of cold pressed oils for human health, the need for these type of oils has increased a lot.

oil making machine is needed for many products to be oiled, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and various oil seeds. With these machines, the production of useful oils can be carried out easily in individual kitchens with high quality. Today, these oil press machines that take their place on the counter are preferred in herbalists, spice shops, big markets and even in homes.