Nut Roasting Machine Introduction

Introduction of Nuts Roasting Machine

Nuts Roaster

How to Roast Nuts

There is a AISI 304 Stainless quality belt that continuously moves the nuts to roasting rooms and cooling rooms. Once the products fills in the inlet bunker, they directly stand on continuos moving belt. The belt firstly takes them to the first roasting room which they get the heated air from the bottom and then, they go for second roasting room which they get the heated air from the top. Getting circulated heat from buttom and top allows products to be roasted homogenously. Once the products pass through the roasting stages, they got cooled down to the room temperature directly on the third room which we call it as cooling room. And than, your products are ready to be packaged. 

The product inlet bunker of the nuts roasting machine can take nuts and seeds. The user of the nuts roasting oven needs to verb the bunker of the machine every 50-60 minutes this is depending on product type and product’s volume. Once the inlet bunker filled with the nuts, the products can go for roasting stage. Depending on the height of the bunker of the machine is high or not too high, it is necessary to have a conveyor elevator to put the products in bunker or not.

Here you can see video of two different nuts roaster with different capacities:

Machine 1, that is suitable for shops: 

Machine 2, that is suitable for factory producers: