History of Pistachios and Pistachios Roasting


History of Pistachios

Pistachio was first cultivated in Southern Anatolia, where Eti settled. The fact that it was included in the king’s tables in those times shows that there are good cultural varieties and the value of fruit is known. Plenchon reports that its culture is very ancient. Plinius wrote that pistachios were brought to Rome for the first time in the first century AD by the then Syrian Governor Vitellius. Later, it passed from there to Spain. 

Thus, while pistachio spread in Italy, Sicily, Southern France, Spain and North Africa in the Mediterranean region, on the other hand, its fruits were used in Iran, Afghanistan and India, where its wild species were spread. It coincides with the second half of the th century. The cultivation of this type of fruit in the USA was started with pistachio fruits brought from different countries by the United States Concession Office. Pistachio is grown in suitable microclimates of 30-45° parallels of northern and southern hemispheres in the world. According to Vavilov, pistachio has two gene centers.

Our country is located in the Near East Gene Center. In our country and in some other Middle Eastern countries, pistachios are called “gold tree” or “green gold”. is defined. The most important reason for this is that it finds a good price and brings high income to the producer. green stuffed Pistachio is an important raw material of cake, ice cream and dessert industry. grown in our country Pistachios are mostly green or yellow mixed (rose inside) in color and taste The fact that it is more delicious in terms of food gives it a distinct advantage.

Pistachios Roasting​

There are many ways to roast pistachios in pistachio roasting machines. One of the most preferbly way to roast pistachios is to roast them in nuts roasting machines to produce bulk production for consumers. Drum type of nuts roasting machine is great way to roast them. The pistachios are being roasted together with salt in this machine.

How to Roast Pistachios in Roasting Machine

Firstly, the oven is being heated. After that the drum is started to work. Once the heat is on desirable level the salt is being aded.  And than, once the heat of the oven also heats up the salt, the pistachios are being added as well. The machine will roast the pistachios in heated salt to create unique taste. After roasting the pistachios, you can take them on the sieve with the product discharge handles that was provided with the nuts roasting machine. And that is it, you are ready to serve your delicious pistachios to your customer.