Cashew Roasting Machines

machine castle nuts roaster

The Europeans in Brazil were the first to discover cashew nuts around 1558. They also taught them how to roast cashews to let go of the irritant. The Europeans found the nutty flavor of cashews to be very amusing. They would use the cashew apple pulp for making wine.

Cashew nut is made up of a fruit in which the kernel is embedded. The real fruit of the cashew is commonly a nut. It is a kidney- or heart-shaped achene, in any normal variety. Its color varies from bottle green to grayish brown (dried fruit). It is attached to the end of a fleshy footstalk or peduncle, which is in fact the receptacle of the flower, that is, broadened and swollen, and forms. Machine Castle offers cashew roasting machines for small, medium-sized and big manufactures. Hot air circulation roasting in 2 and more rooms with possibility of temperature adjusting obtains cashew an amazing taste and even roast. This is belt type roasting machine. Belt, which is fully made from stainless steel moves the products from one room to another and has washing and cleaning system which means belt can be washed and cleaned whenever it is needed. Cashew roasting oven which has horizontal design fits cashew nuts perfectly giving the best results.