Power 1.0 (KW)
Voltage 220/50 /V/HZ
Bonding Jaw Length 41+41 Cm
Product Packing Length 40 Cm
Product Packaging Depth 11 Cm
Bonding Width 6 mm
Bonding Time 25 seconds

For more capacities, please contact us.


Vacuum packing machines are Made of Complete Steel (304 Quality Stainless Steel) Designed in European Standards and manufactured in a solid structure.
Thanks to the electromechanical control panel, you can simply adjust the vacuuming time and the bonding time.
When you close the Machine Cover, it starts to work automatically and performs the processes of evacuating the internal air, gluing and removing the air, respectively. In this way, the packaged products are protected from harmful external factors such as rust, melting, moisture, odor, and extend the shelf life of your product.
Produced in accordance with hygienic conditions
It is produced in a space-saving design with a focus on small kitchen types. Vacuum packaging machines is are the best way to vacuum and package your products. Thanks to these vacuuming machines, your products can always provide longer shelf-life for your customers.
It automatically performs the entire vacuuming process (vacuuming, bonding, printing, cooling and unloading). Packaged products are protected against oxidation, spillage, leakage, infestation, and thus remain fresh for longer.


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