Salting Machines

Available Capacity Models:

MC-S-5 Mini Salting Machine5-10 Kg/h
MC-10 Mini Salting Machine10-14 Kg/h
MC-15 Mini Salting Machine15-20 Kg/h
MC-25 Mini Salting Machine20-45 Kg/h
MC-50 Salting Machine50-90 Kg/h
MC-100 Salting Machine100-200 Kg/h
MC-300 Salting Machine300-525 Kg/h
MC-500 Salting Machine500-700 Kg/h
MC-1000 Salting Machine1000-1600 Kg/h

Depending on our customer’s preference we are able to manufacture these products at any sizes and capacities. Feel free to contact us.

Salting machines is being used for nuts and seeds such as sunfower seeds, cashews, peanuts, almonds, pistachios and many others. Salting machine helps user to add flavor into their products before roasting stage. After roasting the user of the machine can have their nuts as roasted and flavored. Salt or a different flavour can be used to add different taste to these nuts with salting machine. Salting machine can be used as automatic or manuel.