Salting/Mixing Machines

Available Capacity Models:

MC-S-5 Mini Salting Machine 5-10 Kg/h
MC-10 Mini Salting Machine 10-14 Kg/h
MC-15 Mini Salting Machine 15-20 Kg/h
MC-25 Mini Salting Machine 20-45 Kg/h
MC-50 Salting Machine 50-90 Kg/h
MC-100 Salting Machine 100-200 Kg/h
MC-300 Salting Machine 300-525 Kg/h
MC-500 Salting Machine 500-700 Kg/h
MC-1000 Salting Machine 1000-1600 Kg/h

Depending on our customer’s preference we are able to manufacture these products at any sizes and capacities. Feel free to contact us.

Salting/Mixing machines is being used for nuts and seeds such as sunfower seeds, cashews, peanuts, almonds, pistachios and many others. Salting/Mixing machine helps user to add flavor into their products before roasting stage. After roasting the user of the machine can have their nuts as roasted and flavored. Salt or a different flavour can be used to add different taste to these nuts with flavoring machine. Mixig machine can be used as automatic or manuel.