Peanut Hazelnut Peeling Machine

Available Capacity Models:

MC-P-100 Peanut Hazelnut Peeling Machine 100 Kg/h
MC-P-200 Peanut Hazelnut Peeling Machine 200 Kg/h
MC-P-300 Peanut Hazelnut Peeling Machine 300 Kg/h

Hazelnut and peanut peeling machine which is used to peel the thin shell of hazelnuts and peanuts, has become a favorite of companies that process these products. Thanks to the rubbers on the top and bottom of the it, peeling machine quickly takes the thin shell of the peanut or hazelnut. After that sends it out of the machine without these thin shells.

During the peeling process, the remaining skins from the products are sent to the dust cyclone. Before entering this machine, the products must enter dried, not raw.


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