Available Capacity Models:

MC-R-90 Rotating Roasting Machine50-90 Kg/h
MC-R-180 Rotating Roasting Machine90-180 Kg/h
MC-R-280 Rotating Roasting Machine140-280 Kg/h
MC-R-500 Rotating Roasting Machine280-500 Kg/h


Rotating roasting machines roast nuts with heated salt in a rotating drum. It is generally used for roasting products such as pistachios, almonds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, coated nuts.  After roasting the nuts, the machine pours them out in front of the sieve. The machine has a dust collection cyclone working with a fan system. The waste and unwanted particles of the nuts during to roasting is absorbed with a fan system into syclone. It can produce 50 kg/hour up to 500 kg/hour capacity of products. This machine is generally used manually. It has two perforated and non-perforated arm baskets, which are used for product unloading process. It has high performance burner. Fuel options include Gas, LPG, Diesel. All of our products have ISO 9001, TSE, CE, CSA qualification and competence certificates.


MC-R-90 Rotating Roasting MachineSize: 1850x2050x1850mm, Weight: 900 Kg, Electric: 3,8 Kw,  Gas: 4m³/h
MC-R-180 Rotating Roasting MachineSize: 2050x2250x2150mm, Weight: 1600 Kg, Electric: 4,2 Kw, Gas: 6m³/h
MC-R-280 Rotating Roasting MachineSize: 2250x2450x2450mm, Weight: 2300 Kg, Electric: 4,2 Kw, Gas: 6m³/h
MC-R-500 Rotating Roasting MachineSize: 3050x3050x2950mm, Weight: 3200 Kg, Electric: 4,7 Kw, Gas:8,1m³/h