Elevators, Selections Bands, Cooling Machines

Depending on our customer’s preference we are able to manufacture these products at any sizes and capacities. Feel free to contact us.


Z-Elevator are used when the dried nuts and seeds need  to reach high parts of the roasting machine line. Because of its Z shape, it got its name as Z-Elevator. It plays a role in the transportation of the products entering the hopper and is preferred for draining the nuts, feeding the roasting oven or for the purpose of ensuring the product transfer from one machine to another processing machine.

Selection Bands

Nuts that have been sauced, roasted and processed by the machines pass through the selection band as the last step, and in case of undesirable material, which can be seen with an eye, they are removed with the help of the employee. The selection band plays an important role in the inspection of the products with its illuminating light and speed adjustment band.

Cooling Machine

When the products need to be passed from the cooling process, this machine quickly cools the nuts with high efficiency. Thanks to the reverse suction fan at the bottom, the products on it quickly pass to room temperature. And after that, the products are ready to be packaged.