Available Capacity Models:

MC-SK-150 Coffee Roasting Machine 50-150 Grams
MC-SK-300 Coffee Roasting Machine 50-300 Grams
MC-SK-500 Coffee Roasting Machine 200-500 Grams
MC-SK-1200 Coffee Roasting Machine 300-1200 Grams

Your brand can be on the machine! Different colors can be applied on machines, with a request.

1. Capacity Starting from 50g up to1.2kg. Satisfy cafe, office, or other commercial use.
2. Small size and light weight. Lower shipping cost.
3. Touch screen panel. Easy and safe operation.
4. Automatic chaff collection system. Self-cleaning.
5. Fast cooling system.
6. Double safety protection: anti-leakage safety plug + auto heating stop protection.

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