Roasting Machines for All Type of Nuts​


Machine Castle is the manufacturer company of nuts roasting ovens. Our roasting machines are designed for you to produce quality and tasty products for your customers. Nuts roasting ovens has few fuel option that can work with. You can choose the most suitable fuel for your business which means that any fuel type that is the cheapest in your country will make you satisfied.

Natural gas is one of the fuel type of nuts roasting ovens that works with

-There is also electric roasting machine that can be used to roast nuts. (It can be used to roast all different type of nuts.)

-Alternatively, there are also LPG and Diesel option for you to choose as a fuel type.

There are many applicational process that can be done with our machines such as : roasting peanuts, roasting almonds, roasting hazelnuts, roasting sunflower seeds and pistachios and many more… 

During the production process  roasting nuts on nuts roasters, many things are taken into consideration such as color, taste, recipe, heat of the environment and humidity level. Therefore, our machines are tested well before we deliver it to our valued customers. Once receiving our machines, you can always feel confident to roast your products right away! Whenever you need support, we are always a call far a way from you.