Pistachio Roasting Machine


Pistachios are fun to eat, but also healthy for health. Pistachio contains plenty of vitamin B6.  Here are the benefits of pistachios. Pistachios contain plenty of antioxidants and B vitamins. Vitamin B 6 found in pistachios is important for several functions, such as the formation of hemoglobin, an oxygen-carrying molecule in red blood cells. Pistachios also have potassium is also rich. 1 handful of peanuts contains more than half of a large banana. Pistachios contain plenty of fiber and protein. Because of many good benefits of pistachios, people started to consume it more and more day by day. For this reason, the manufacturers of pistachios also producing more for their customers. Thanks to our great machines, we are stepping in and helping you out with your growing production.

There are two different ways of roasting pistachios. One of them is called as batch roaster that has a rotating drum roaster. While the production process is made with high amount of salt which is being put and once the salted is at the desirable roasting degree, the pistachios are being added for roasting them. Second one is belt roasting machine which is also know as continuous roasting machine. On belt roasting machines the products are being put inlet bunker of the nuts roaster, and than the rest is done with the machine to roast your products with heated air. Our machines can be produced fully stainless steel material (inox). Pistachios are great nuts that can be enjoyed to eat and consume, not only to consume but also to roast!