Peanut Roasting Machines


Peanuts is known all over the world because of its high nutritional value, as well as being a nut that is enjoyed by everyone, big and small. Peanut butter, in particular, remains its popularity among the foods that cannot get enough of its flavor… Thanks to its high nutritional value, peanuts, which are the favorite food of those who make diets and sports, can offer impressive flavors in every way. You can prefer peanuts, which are used in many areas of the food industry, from nuts to peanut butter, from peanut flour to many recipes, from main courses to desserts and salads. Did you know that the history of peanuts, which is frequently consumed as nuts, is the most popular among agricultural products, and is a source of healthy fats, protein and fiber, is as old as humanity?

This snack, which has been with us since the creation of the world, continues to be eagerly consumed by all countries of the world. Peanut, which has a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases, is recommended to be consumed by other doctors as well as dieticians. Containing vitamin C in its content, peanuts also strengthen immunity and protect your health thanks to the natural oil it contains. However, one of the points to be considered in peanut consumption is that it is fresh and has not lost its nutritional value.

As the demend of the humanity on peanut gets higher, the producers of peanuts also gets bigger. For example, if they normally produce 200 kg per hour capacity of peanuts they need 500 kg/hour capacity or 1000 kg/hour capacity. With the help of belt type nuts roasting machine our company is here to help the ones that want to higher their production capacities.

Machine Castle,  takes the lead with its peanut roasting machines that is manufactured in international standards and certificate obligations. The company, which has all the equipment to produce machines suchs welding machine, laser cutting machine, bending machine and many others. However, at the last step, it takes human power to produce these machines to make them greaeter. Our company always make sure that machines are produced extremely healthy environment to the customers with the latest advanced technologies.