Peanut Roaster and Peanut Butter


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What Are the Benefits of Peanuts? Coming to the benefits of peanuts; Peanuts, which contain vitamin E, can increase your resistance and give energy during the day. Thanks to its high protein content, it can help you stay full while supporting muscle formation. It can strengthen the body’s immune system and protect against diseases. 

Peanut is a food containing plenty of fiber. Therefore, it can prevent problems such as indigestion. Despite being high in calories, peanuts do not contribute to weight gain. On the contrary, it can help you maintain your weight. The fact that peanuts are rich in important nutrients can support cardiovascular health.

Peanut butter

As the benefits of peanut goes vital, people consume it each day more. So, it creates more demand on production need of peanut. Peanuts are being comsumed as roasted or as pressed. Pressed means that it can be eaten as peanut butter. Machine Castle, here to serve it’s customers it’s peanut roasters and peanut butter machines. The great thing having two different process machines is that the manufacturer can not only roast peanuts but also can serve its clients peanut butter

When it comes to roasting peanuts, it’s being done in two different way. One of the way to produce it to give some flavor before the roasting stage. It can be produced as salt or different type of flavor sauce such as barbecue sauce, cheddar sauce, seasoning sauce can be used. Our penut roasting machines start from the capacity of 10 kg/hour up to 1700 kg/hour. Depending on our customer’s machinery need we are able to customize anyhing on roasting machines. Peanut roasting machines can be produced as just as a nuts roaster or a flavoring unit can be added on its production.