Nut Roasting Machines


Nut Roasting Machines

There are few different belt roaster, one is three layer, one is five layer and one is single layer which is the newest version of all time. Single layer roasting machine is the most popular nuts roaster that is being used in the world. The most important fact for the nuts roasting machines is to make roasted nuts as %100 homogenous roasting. If the nuts roasting machine is not capable of making homogenous roasting, than the machine will not give efficient result on any type of nuts and seeds that is roasted. Our machines can perform even and homogenous roasting with high efficiency. When the nuts and seeds are roasted homogeneously, the products has good flavor, taste and appearance. This type of nuts roasting machine is ideal for roasting peanut, roasting almond, roasting hazelnut, roasting pistachios, roasting sunflower seeds, roasting cashews, roasting pumpkin seeds, roasting pistachios and many more.

Parts of Nuts Roaster

What makes our nuts roasting machine great is having heated hot air circulation in the roasting rooms of the nuts roaster. Heated air comes from bottom to up and up to bottom with circulated air. Each roasting room’s roasting degree also can be adjusted with different temperature. The parts of the roasting oven is offenly know as electric control panel, rotary drum or conveyor belt and heat exchanger, automatic salting machine(if there is), salt sieve and elevator (if there is). Our nuts roasting machines has special cooling system, that directly reduces the heat of the roasted nuts and seeds into the room temperatures.

How to Use Nuts Roaster?

Our nuts roasters are suitable for all kinds of nuts roasting and fruits drying, such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, pistachios, almond, sesame, hazelnut, almond etc. Once you have our nuts roaster in your shop or production facility as ready, you can directly roast your products with using touch screen control panel. By turning the heat and taking the heat level of the nuts roaster on a suitable level for the product, you can start the belt movement on, than the roasting machine will do it’s magic. We are always here to help and provide you best support if you have any questions about how to use it.