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How to Roast Sunflower Seeds?

Sunflower seeds, which we can describe as a fun snack, are the fruit of the plant called sunflower. This delicious fruit of the sunflower, which is grown intensively in our country, draws attention with its nutritious properties. The rate of those who prefer to consume this favorite snack, which is almost not liked in our country, in a roasted form is undeniable. For this reason, it is a big issue what kind of methods can be followed for roasting sunflower seeds. In this direction, we can easily argue that there are several different methods of roasting sunflower seeds. So, which is the most suitable roasting method for you?

Roasting Sunflower Seeds with Kernel Roasting Machine

Seed roasting machine, which is one of the indispensable parts of nut shops, is one of the most common methods used to obtain roasted nuts and seeds. Roasting sunflower seeds with a roasting machine, which is absolutely necessary for mass production, of course it will not be a suitable method for home production. The only thing to do to roast the sunflower seeds in the nuts and seeds roasting machine, which provides the heat and environment necessary for the roasting of the nuts, is to empty the raw seeds into the machine’s hopper. Then the machine will start to work continuously and pour the roasted beans into the tray located in front of the machine. It is possible to argue that the most convenient method for roasting large quantities of nuts and seeds at once and under ideal conditions is a roasting machine

Roasting Sunflower Seeds in a Pan

It can be given as an answer to the question of how to roast beans in a home oven instead of a nuts roaster. But of course, it should be noted that the amount of seeds to be roasted in a nuts roaster and a home oven will not be the same. However, if you want to try the oven roasting method, we can say that you can roast an average of 1 kilo of nuts and seeds at once. For this, it is enough to sprinkle all the nuts and seeds on the baking tray and place the tray in the oven and set the oven temperature to 170-180 degrees. Then, as soon as you decide that the nuts are roasted as much as you want, you can turn off the oven and let your nuts get cool before serving. 

Let’s not forget that when the method of roasting nuts in the oven is applied, the average cooking time is 15-20 minutes. In addition, we have to say that if you want to get roasted salty nuts , you must first sprinkle 1 tablespoon of flour on the beans you sprinkle on the baking tray. After that, you should mix a handful of salt with a glass of water and pour the salted water over the beans in the tray. Finally, you can mix the nuts and seeds and put them in the oven to make sure all the nuts are soaked in the brine. Thus, since we have found an answer to the question of how to salt sunflower seeds, you may also take a look of our nuts roaster and mixing machines. And for more information you can always contact us.