Coffee Roasting Machine Technology

Coffee Roasting Machine Technolgy

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Why You Should Have a Coffee Roaster?

Coffee roasting machine is is machine that roast green coffee beans and it at the result of it, it gives freshly roasted dark coffee beans. There many different size of the coffee roasters. Either for retail business owner or for industrial business owner, Machine Castle has the solution for all your capacity need for the coffee roasting machines. Our machines’s capacities start from 5 kg/batch up to 30 kg/batch for retailer shops. And for the industrial production companies we have have capacities starting from 30 kg/batch up to 120 kg/batch. 

Each roasting time on our coffee roasting machines is defined by the business owner or the owner company. Roasting time in the coffee roasting machines is to decide for the color of roasted coffee beans. The color of the roasted coffee beans tell us whether the roasted beans are light roasted, medium roasted or dark roasted. The coffee producer always serves and produces coffee beans according to their customer’s requests. It is import for the coffee producer to understand demand and the need of their client. For each region and country, the coffee drinking culture gets seperated from each other and knowing and understading this allows the coffee producer to decide at which color the roasted coffee beans must be at the end of the roasting process. 


Why Roasting Technology is Important for Coffee Roasters?

Roasting technology in the coffee roasters are also plays an important role for the coffee producers. In most of the coffee roasting machines that was produced there is the rotating drum which is being heated with a flame. However, having so many extra technological features for typical roasters is also a must. You can always have touch screen panel to control and create recipes, and also you can see the coffee roasting parameters during roasting as well as recording each roasting process. Knowing each and small details in coffee roasting machines allows you to become a master coffee producer in your business.

What is The Difference Between Manuel Coffee Roasters and Automatic Coffee Roasters?

As each company and retail coffee producer has a different way of producing coffee, we serve our customers two different ways to produce roasted coffee beans in our machines or both. A coffee producer can produce roasted beans in our machines as manuel way to use flap handles when the time is on for each process. Or the coffee producer also has an option to have a machines that is fully automatic. On the automatic coffee roasting machine, the coffee producer can set time parameters for each process of the coffee roaster such as product entry time, roasting time, cooling time and then the rest is automaticly done by the machines. In the automatic roasters the coffee that goes in green color will go out roasted and cooled as ready. The user of the machine will only need to put the green coffee beans to the inlet bunker of the coffee roaster.