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Why Fresh Roasted Coffee is Important?

Why is it that everyone who knows a little about coffee is after “freshly roasted coffee”? Is it the freshness that makes coffee delicious? Is there such a big difference between non-freshly roasted coffee and freshly roasted coffee?

First of all, it should be noted that when roasting coffee beans, carbon dioxide gas is released. About 90% of this gas release occurs inside the package after the freshly roasted coffee is packaged. Normally, this gas is compressed and creates enough pressure to burst the package, while the one-way valves in the packages throw the gas released by the coffee out, preventing the entry of air from the outside and ensuring the freshness of the coffee. After the coffees are roasted and rested, they are packaged and shipped to be sold.

Here, a difference emerges between boutique coffee companies that act with the logic of “freshly roasted coffee” and industrial coffee companies that have a large enough volume to leave their mark on the sector. Industrial coffee companies ship coffee to the whole world from one or more points, and these freshly roasted coffees are delivered to the consumers. Sometimes, it waits for months in packaged form before it reaches the shelf. But in coffee roasting companies that act with the logic of freshly roasted coffee, this period, that is, the time to dispatch and reach the consumer is a maximum of one week. Because the boutique coffee company and the freshly roasted coffee consumer reach each other personally and freshly roasted filter coffee , espresso and flavored filter coffee beans are consumed approximately one week after roasting.

At this point, when the word “fresh coffee” is mentioned, another important detail emerges. When packaged coffees are directly exposed to air, humidity, temperature and light, the flavor and freshness of coffee begins to deteriorate. Therefore, freshly roasted coffees are moisture-free, directly exposed to sunlight and above room temperature. The main detail here is that while freshly roasted coffee beans can keep its freshness for a maximum of 3 weeks, ground coffee loses its most delicious state within 4-5 hours after opening the package, and its freshest state in a maximum of 3 days. Although many internet sites have expressed to consumers the one-year expiry date of coffee as the period of time to keep its freshness, this is not the case.There is a difference between the consumability and freshness of coffee.Many different flavor notes that emerge with the roasting of a coffee disappear when the coffee loses its freshness and The taste turns into an empty coffee taste and loses all its characteristics. it hurts.

The ideal is to buy freshly roasted coffee in beans, grind it just before drinking, brew it within 3 minutes at the latest after grinding, and consume it within 15 days after opening the package.

Although large coffee companies can write expiration dates of up to 2 years on their coffee packaging, the periods during which a coffee can maintain its real freshness are mentioned above. 

One of the most consumed beverages from the past to the present is undoubtedly coffee. For this reason, coffee roasters are frequently preferred in homes as well as in coffee shops. It pulls coffee beans in different thicknesses and allows the addition of milk, foam or water depending on the type of coffee. These machines, which continue to function with high pressure, extract the essence of coffee and the darkest type of coffee emerges. All types of coffee consumed daily are easily produced with coffee roasting machines. Coffee roasting machines, which ensure the preservation of the aromas in the coffee beans, also draw attention with their stylish designs.

Coffee roasting machines are produced in different types and varieties depending on the production companies. For this reason, when it is decided to buy a coffee machine, it is possible to encounter many different models. This being the case, the priority in choosing a coffee machine must be given to the type of coffee you like. These machines, which are generally purchased for Turkish coffee making, are among the most ideal choices for special tastes in Turkish coffee making. Coffee machines are products that get dirty very quickly due to the frequency of use and must be cleaned. So much so that if they are not cleaned for a long time, the formation of bacteria will be inevitable. The filter part of the coffee machines must be washed with warm water and detergent after each operation. While washing the filters should not be treated harshly and drying should be done after the washing process.