Chickpea Roasting Machines

chickpea roaster


Among the fiber products, chickpea is a food that accelerates the metabolism and helps in weight loss thanks to the fiber it contains. Having a special place in our traditions and customs for years, chickpeas are one of the most delicious snacks on special occasions. Chickpea, produced from chickpeas, is a special flavor that was discovered by Sheikh Murat Gazi in 1370 and survived until today. Chickpeas produced by roasting chickpeas are popularly consumed in many countries, including our country. Many types of chickpeas, which are mostly consumed with tea in our country, are also produced. It is also available in roasted, salted, sugar-coated and flavored with different sauces.

The production of chickpeas, which has been in our lives since the Ottoman period, is also subject to careful work. Freshness is one of the most sought after features. Roasted chickpeas, which were hardly roasted in their homes in old times, are now produced in large quantities by Roasting Machines. roasting machines, which are one of the blessings of technology, enable companies producing nuts to reach more product capacity and save time.

Roasting machines do not only process chickpeas, but also other nuts such as hazelnuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, almonds, cashews, etc. Untouched, the products from the roasting machines are packed and ready for consumption for a long time.